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Manzanillo real estate investment information and Featured Real Estate Listings for Manzanillo.

About Manzanillo

Location: Colima State, Pacific coast, western Mexico
Distance from Mexico City: 350 miles west
Population: 130,000
Closest major airport: Playa de Oro Intl. aka Manzanillo Intl. Airport (ZLO)
Time zone: Central Standard Time
Climate: Wet/Dry with wet season from May through November.

Named after the many fruit trees in its forests, Manzanillo is a charming city full of festive streets, friendly people, beautiful landscapes and outstanding tourist facilities. The city's unique history combined with its modern-day offering makes Manzanillo a one-of-a-kind destination for a variety of recreational activities.

Travelers interested in adventure tourism can enjoy a variety of options in Manzanillo. From kayaking in bay waters and driving through tropical forests, to discovering the hidden secrets of prehistoric caves, the city offers it all. A guided safari into the heart of the Tlacota Tropical Rainsforest is another great option, allowing travelers to get up close and personal with the area's natural beauty. Snorkeling is also available at Rancho El Naranjo, one of the most beautiful natural reserves in the state of Colima.

Recreationally, sport fishing is Manzanillo's main attraction, particularly for sailfish enthusiasts. Since 1954, Manzanillo has hosted the International Dorsey Tournament, a highly-respected competition among the sport fishing community, held every February and November.

Beach lounging is another popular activity. Manzanillo's peaceful bays and sophisticated infrastructure have made it one of the Mexico's main tourist destinations on the west coast. Beaches such as Ventanas, Las Coloradas, El Viejo, San Pedrito, Playa Azul, Las Hadas and La Escondida are some of the most serene destinations on the Pacific coast to commune with nature.

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