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Explore Sinaloa real estate investment information and Featured Real Estate Listings for Mazatlan.

About Mazatlan

Location: Sinaloa State, Pacific coast, western Mexico
Distance from Mexico City: 650 miles northwest
Population: 400,000
Closest major airport: General Rafael Buelna Intl. aka Mazatlan International Airport (MZT)
Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time
Climate: Wet/Dry with wet season from June through October

Mazatlan is one of Mexico's oldest tourist resorts and home to one of the world's three major carnivals, comparable only to those in New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. The city also hosts a number of major international sporting events, including marathons and triathlons.

The Plazuela Machado (Machado Square) is the heart of Mazatlan. On the north side of the plaza is a strip of delightful restaurants, many serving up the seafood the city is famous for. One of the most famous is Pedro & Lola's, named after two famous musicians from Mazatlan, Pedro Infante Cruz and Lola Beltran. On the south side of the plaza is the newly-restored Angela Peralta Theater, a beautiful, neoclassic-style building erected in the 19th century and named after the beloved 19th-century opera diva who died after her only performance in Mazatlan, struck down by yellow fever. Today, the impressive building hosts Sinaloa State´s cultural festivals.

Mazatlan's beaches are perfect for water sports. A variety of facilities offer jet skiing, windsurfing, parachuting, sailing, sport fishing and almost any other kind of beach activity imaginable. The best beaches in Mazatlan are those located between Zona Dorada and the three islands which can be visited. Sabalo Beach is ideal for all types of aquatic sports, while Cerritos Beach, next to Sabalo Beach, is perfect for sunbathing. Camping near the beach is another popular activity. Travelers can head to La Posta Trailer Park located on Rafael Buelna Avenue for a quiet night near the ocean.

A city with a population of over 400,000, Mazatlan is the largest port between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal. Elegant reminders of its history, 27km (17 miles) of sandy beaches, and a geographically diverse environment are all added attractions in Mazatlán's efforts to become a premier beach resort.

Limited flight availability is the principal factor holding back Mazatlan's growth. Charter operators have picked up some of the slack and are the predominant means of arrival here. Once known as a spring break haven and a place to party, Mazatlan is now attracting more families, mature travelers, and other tourists with an eye for value. It enjoys strong repeat business and positive word of mouth, as it continues to offer exceptional vacation values.

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